Friday, October 10, 2008

Magic Of Making Up & How To Train Your Man!

If your man is giving you a hard time and you are bewildered by his activities because he is not acting right?

Watch the video below - The Magic Of Making Up - How To Train Your Man!

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Here are four steps to teach you how to train your man to act the way you want him to:

  • If your man does something you do not like, do not nag him to death with your words. What you need to do is clearly state in 2-3 sentences what he's doing that bothers you. You have got a good man there; if he is willing to discuss it. Talk it over with him. If this does not work, then you are just going to have to train him.

  • Once you have expressed the matter, walk away. The majority of men do not think to well on their feet, and so you should not really anticipate a well thought out response. Now it's time to give him the silent treatment for about 1 or 2 days. During this time he will be thinking about what you have said. Now, if he does not call you during this period, then it's time to throw him curbside.

  • Once you have given him the silent treatment for a day or two. When it is convenient for you, then call him or just go to his house. Don't raise the issue at this time. If he asks where you have been then just tell him that you were busy. If he brings up the issue, Don't SAY ANYTHING, just listen, even if he is wrong. A few uh-huhs and nods will be sufficient to let him recognize that you are listening.

  • The majority of men already know when they have done something wrong, so if he does not want to admit it or he is pigheaded, put him on a guilt trip by not acting in a way that he would expect you to. No nagging and non argumentative. When the conversation comes to an end, whether or not you agree with him, just say: I am happy that you told me how you feel. Now since I listened to you, I need you to listen to me... If he attempts to interrupt you, then remind him of how you listened to him, but don't raise your voice at any expense!

In all likelihood your man will never commit his atrocious act again, but if he's stupid enough to take that route, then you need to repeat the process once again. Only this time remain silent for 2-3 days. Ultimately, you'll see if your man is just a stubborn jerk that you need to let go of, or if your man genuinely cares about you. A woman that's strong enough to hold firm in her beliefs is something that most men want. If he does not then he quite simply Is not the man for you.

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